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Idli Milagai Podi

 Is there any spicy lovers? Here you go…Idli Milagai podi is the best spicy instant side dish for Idli or Dosa. It is a mixture of dried red chillies, garlic, a small amount of tamarind and salt.  There may be varieties of side dishes but I love this! It’s so simple and easy to prepare. I learnt this from my mother in law. The flavour of the garlic along with the hot chillies and the tangy tamarind blends so and gives a splendid taste. Just mix this mixture with a spoon of oil and serve it with idli or dosa.



  • 30 dry red chillies

  • Small gooseberry sized tamarind

  • 25 cloves of garlic with skin

  • Salt

  • Oil to mix the podi


  1. First, grind tamarind, salt and red chillies together into a coarse mixture.

  2. Add garlic with the skin to the mixture.

  3. Grind everything together coarsely. 

  4. Now mix this mixture with oil and serve it with hot steamed idli or dosa.


  Spicy and yummy Idli Milagai Podi is ready!  Serve it with idli or dosa.


 Tips / variations:  

  • Dry roast the red chillies and tamarind for best results.

  • To enhance the taste, heat the oil and add it to the mixture.

  • Using gingelly oil is good for health. 


Shelf Life: 

  • It can be stored for more than 2 days without refrigerating it.


Nutrients value: 

  • Garlic is an excellent source of vitamin B6 and vitamin C. It helps blood flow, lowers cholesterol, and stops heart disease.

  • Gingelly oil is another name for sesame oil. It lowers blood pressure and increases antioxidant status in hypertensive patients.