Something About Me

“Anumma “ is not a word and it’s an emotional, Yes that’s how my Dad calls me infact he calls everyone with their name with “amma” as a suffix, E.g Vijimaa, Rajimaa, Prasanamaa. The best part is KASTHAMMA…. Who’s his better half yes my MOM.

Alright, I am Anuja Deenadayalan , Born and raised in Chennai, India and now in Dubai. Like many Indian Women, I started learning the art of cooking after my marriage and inherit the cooking secrets and essence from my mother, sisters and mother-in-law. I always wonder how they could do it so casually and perfectly and eventually figured the key to their success which is nothing but their love and passion towards doing everything with more involvement and focusing more towards family members well being. They are following traditional way which they tend to follow from their last generation. So I feel responsible to carry these valuable information to everyone as we can’t let it fade in the name of modern lifestyle.

So, the intention is to spread the taste of the traditional food recipes among the people who are fascinate about the cooking / foodies. All of us are super busy with the fast lifestyle, I strongly believe these traditional values and habits would make you and your family a better way of living. We are planning to cover not only food recipes but also traditional recipes, health tips, parenting tips and many more. I strongly encourage to post your recipes which you think is the best in taste and healthy. Let’s spread the values & traditional to everyone.